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Bankruptcy Lawyer in Nashville, TN

J. Michael Combs, Attorney at Law offers a trusted and reliable Nashville, TN, bankruptcy lawyer that can help you understand the finer details of your situation. We understand that situations of financial distress can be frustrating and debilitating for many individuals, families and corporations. Our friendly and professional team can help you navigate and negotiate your way to a brighter future.

From negotiating with creditors at your 341 meeting to filing out your petition with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and every step in between, we will be there. We will help you understand your overall eligibility for different types of financial dissolution and ensure you retain your rights throughout the process.

We have over 32 years of experience to put behind your case and offer trusted local representation. Our personalized attention allows us to treat every client with respect and we provide flexible payment plans and convenient appointment scheduling to help ensure you have access to adequate legal advice.

Contact J. Michael Combs, Attorney at Law today for your initial consultation with a Nashville, TN, bankruptcy lawyer. You will work directly with our attorney that is a former Chapter 7 trustee. Call us today for your free appointment and learn more about how we can help you.