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Garnishment Law in Nashville, TN

If you have unpaid debt (such as from delinquent taxes or credit card bills), your creditors may have the right to seek wage garnishment. When a creditor obtains a garnishment order from a court, your employer or bank will be required to deduct money from your paycheck and send it directly to your creditor.

If you’ve already been subjected to wage garnishment, you know first-hand that it can have an adverse effect on your personal finances.  Instead of having to worry about how you’ll repay your debt, you may have to worry about how you’ll be able to pay for day-to-day expenses such as rent, transportation, and food.

Thankfully, you have options to combat wage garnishment, and J. Michael Combs, Attorney at Law can help you exercise them. Having money deducted directly from your paycheck is a financial burden that no one wants to deal with. Contact us today to discuss your Garnishment Law alternatives.